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Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Shaad Aesthetics provides the best of dental care, smile redesign and smile makeovers at an accessible price point. Shaad Aesthetics is the place to go for those seeking dental implants, and the utmost in dental care – and once you are at our clinic, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in the safest hands.

Accessible to local residents, Shaad Aesthetics is also ideal for dental patients visiting from out of station; whether you are ‘just visiting’ or a local, know that at Shaad, you will feel ‘right at home’! Whether you are a new dental patient in the initial stages of your treatment, or a returning patient looking to fix old dental problems, Shaad Aesthetics is the place to be. Whatever your needs, they will be assessed by Dr. Arshad and his expert team at Shaad Aesthetics, to ensure the best personalised dental care for you in India.

Your treatment will be followed by a specific dental treatment card, which is made just for you.

Here, photographs and sketches will help detail specifically your dental issues, so you can understand clearly the corrections that are needed, and that all the procedures that will be performed are known with full transparency – so you know just what you’re getting, and why.

Dr. Arshad is also one of the few dentists in the country to be trained in the use of a dental microscope – so you know that even the most minute of problems

“Not Just a Dental Clinic”

Equipped with only the most advanced of tools, Shaad Aesthetics - and Dr. Arshad, use only the finest of apparatus to work on patients. “I want every one of my patients to feel the difference when they enter the clinic. The difference should not only speak on my treating procedures but the clinic ambience too.”

How Do We Treat Patients At Shaad Aesthetics?

Step 1 : The Consultation

At Shaad Aesthetics, we make sure you understand fully every part of your dental procedures. Understanding what your primary dental issues are, helps you know the procedure required to deal with them

Dental procedures are time consuming and are not an inexpensive process, so at Shaad Aesthetics we make sure you understand every aspect of your dental issues

The first step to Holistic Dental care begins with understanding.

Step 2 : Outlining A Plan

After Dr. Arshad and his expert team diagnose your dental issues, an extensive treatment plan will be laid out in detail and explained to you prior to any procedures being performed. Our team of professionals will guide you on the best possible dental treatment for your issues.

Step 3 : Gaining Your Perfect Smile

Dr. Arshad will perform your procedures with his experienced professional team. All our patients are operated with specialist dental loupes and under a special dental microscope, which helps highlight every bit of your teeth.

Even the most minute dental issue is solved thoroughly, courtesy the incredible expertise of Dr. Arshad and his crew; his special expertise in using the dental microscope gives your teeth the best possible care!

The best dental clinic in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is the gateway to your perfect smile.


“The most rewarding aspect of treating is witnessing patients move from their dull to healthy smile. Their voices are so important that shows they truly trust us!”

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